Hi there.

I'm a graphic designer in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In my eighteen-year-long career, I've worked on digital and print ad campaigns, rebranding, books and magazines, logos, menus, OOH, and more. I've won six GD USA awards, a silver Addy, and a bronze Healthcare Advertising Award. I also write, design, and illustrate pieces about nonfiction topics that interest me.

Client: USX Cyber | Project: Ad Campaign

This print and digital ad campaign was aimed at the CEOs of mid-sized companies and shows what a lack of cyber security looks like from a hacker’s point of view. Underappreciated vacations and extravagant purchases abound, paired with copy that shares alarming statistics about the ease of hacking today.

Roles: Design, Art Direction

Client: Myself | Project: Negro League baseball book

After reading a biography of Satchel Paige, I wanted to do something that expounded on Negro League baseball in a highly visual way. I found that most books about the leagues included their history, but not the history of baseball itself, nor how the Industrial Revolution and a shift in demographics after the Civil War impacted the game. My love of graphics and charts added a necessary dimension for such a structured and documented game, and my love for underdogs made this a true passion project. 

Roles: Research, Writing, Illustration, Design, Art Direction, Social Content

Client: Wren Hollow Elementary School | Project: Branding

It began with a name, Wren Hollow Elementary School, and a color request: red and blue. I began with a set of logo options, followed a website redesign, stationery set, and branded accessories to support the new look. 

Roles: Illustration, Design, Art Direction

Client: Various | Project: Content creation

Whether static or animated, I like the way storytelling is inherently infused into online content.

Roles: Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Animation

Client: Myself | Project: Nonfiction magazine

I’ve always been a fan of book reports and I read nonfiction almost exclusively, so RD4 (“Round Four”) was bound to happen. It was an opportunity to work with a clean, minimal aesthetic and push my writing to be more entertaining. The images are all royalty free or public domain, with a fully-illustrated Night Witches section. I finished this magazine just in time for Ernest Shackleton’s 150th birthday and sent it out with a belly band, branded envelope, and folded 18”x24” map.

Roles: Research, Writing, Illustration, Design, Art Direction, Packaging, Social Content

Client: Various | Project: Long-format pieces

Annuals. Booklets. Case studies. What’s not to love? They’re long-format and typically printed; a tasty exercise in organization, layout design, and flexing the brand’s elements. Bonus points if there are graphs.

Roles: Design

Client: Various | Project: Illustration

My foray into illustration began as more of a necessity than a passion, but it’s since developed into a genuine interest. The unique challenges that come with each project are always interesting. 

Roles: Illustration, Design